Imagine. Plan. Execute

There are few things as critical to your credit union’s success as your strategic plan. Thoughtful planning requires time and coordinated collaboration, especially if your board and team aren’t all in one place. Planning Pro manages, monitors, and measures your strategy while empowering your stakeholders to fully participate in the planning process. Transform your strategic plan into a living document where you can create and automatically update presentations, use call report data to bring the right questions to the table, compare data to peer credit union groups, survey your staff, and more.


Planning and sharing

Deliver real-time reporting to your board, or revise your strategic plan with multiple stakeholders - all in one place.

Maintain accountability

Monitor team members' progress on key priorities, goals, action items, and more.

Strategic focus

Create plans that integrate strategic and organizational financials to promote visibility and drive performance.

Better collaboration

Strengthen team cohesion and communication through collaborative goal setting.

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Jose Ortiz Sr. Business Solutions Manager
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Melanie Koch Sr. Manager, Learning & Development
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