Managing people is complicated but evaluating them doesn't have to be.

Staff reviews can be a headache, but they don’t have to be. Track your staff’s goal progress and get automatic alerts when they hit milestones. Performance Pro is a software solution that does all this and more, meaning better performance tracking and less work for you – a win/win.

Performance Pro can also integrate with Compease, helping you identify the top performers you need to pay more aggressively to retain.

Performance Alignment

Leverage secure data hosting, goal libraries, and intelligent performance factors, so employee goals and organizational goals are efficiently aligned.

Automated Appraisals

Simplify the performance management process by eliminating repetitive administrative tasks and streamlining all interactions between management and employees.

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Provide instant access to actionable insights that are impossible to see with a paper process to help management improve employee output.

Increased Productivity

Give employees greater incentives while maintaining company objectives to improve retention and productivity.

Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz Sr. Business Solutions Manager
Melanie Koch
Melanie Koch Sr. Manager, Learning & Development
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This system meets all our needs. The step-by-step process is simple and easy to explain to staff. PerformancePro offers video and written documentation for training. We are now paperless.

Ulrica Rawlings, AVP of Human Resources Securityplus FCU