Amplify your payments strategy, operations outlook, and technology roadmap.

For three decades, SRM has been helping clients improve their bottom line, build winning strategies for operational efficiency, and deliver the best member experiences through robust advisory services.

Payment Advisory Services
The team at SRM can keep you positioned for the future of payments by providing insights and balanced strategic advice across card networks, credit/debit processing, P2P payments, digital assets, and more.

Operations Advisory Services
SRM understands your operational ambitions and can help you reach your organization’s strategic goals. With SRM, you can develop a plan by testing hypotheses and emerging themes—creating a roadmap to target improvement in a prioritized way.

Technology Advisory Services
Leveraging new and innovative technology is critical for long-term business success. SRM helps organizations develop a strategy for their long-term planning around technology investments.

AI Advisory Services
Plan seamless AI integrations with SRM’s AI risk management and compliance strategy, AI corporate policy development, Vendor AI audits, and ongoing AI consulting. 

Digital Assets

Identify digital asset opportunities, develop a smart strategy. and select the right solutions to keep you on pace with member expectations.

Operational and Business Process Enhancements

Use your macro strategy – including assets, resources, processes, and technology – to explore operational enhancements with specific solutions and outcomes.

Intelligent Automation

Wrap your arms around emerging intelligent automation technologies and explore the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) scenarios to automate business processes, adding additional bottom-line savings.

AI Risk and Opportunity Assessment

Dynamic benchmarking of inherent and residual risks and revenue increasing opportunities for AI technology.

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