Drive Gen Z engagement and loyalty.

Student loans are an excellent opportunity to build long-term relationships with younger members. Research shows that among borrowers who turn to a credit union for student loans, 65% of them open a checking account, 55% obtain a credit card, and 44% open a savings account. With Sparrow, a new Navatros solution, your credit union can help young borrowers fund their education without becoming the lender of record and earn a fee for every loan originating from your credit union’s website, which boosts non-interest income.

Sparrow is an online student loan and refinancing platform where borrowers can search for a loan from a national network of 17+ private lenders to find the best rates and terms. Adding Sparrow’s white-labeled student loan marketplace to a website takes just a few minutes, and no custom programming or complex integrations are required. If your credit union already offers student loans, partnering with Sparrow can help increase loan applications, Gen Z membership, and cross-selling opportunities. The platform provides various student loan products, including undergraduate and graduate loans, international student loans, student loan refinancing, and parent student loans.


Gen Z Loyalty

Offer members pre-selected student loan and refinancing options and showcase your loan offering with a search optimization funnel.

Integration-free launch

Provide a white-labeled, customizable student loan and refinancing marketplace in 90 seconds without core integration.

Real-time data

Receive access to real-time analytics and user level data to enable personalized cross-selling.

Non-interest income

Earn non-interest income from platform lenders with every funded student loan and student loan refinancing offer.

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