Bring notarization into the digital age.

No one knows online notarization better than our partner, Notarize. Notarize lets you securely send, sign, and notarize documents completely online so your members can conduct business whenever and wherever they want. While traditional eSign or in-person notary services require only one point of identity verification, remote online notarization through Notarize includes multi-factor ID authentication, a recording of the audio-video session, and a full audit trail for more robust security measures. Join the thousands of people who already love the convenience of a fully digital notarization experience.

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Cost Savings

Save an average of $100 per notarization and $1,100 per closing.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline the process for your in-house notaries or outsource it, so Notarize’s experts do the lifting.

Faster Mortgage Closings

Reduce mortgage transaction times and conduct closings six days a week.

Secure Process

Remote, online notarizations include several security protections, so you know your online notarization is safe.

Natalie Phillips
Natalie Phillips Sr. Business Solutions Manager
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