Be more direct with indirect lending.

Nine out of 10 people make their financing decisions at the point of sale. If you’re not there, you could miss out on getting the loan. Indirect auto lending is a great way to boost your overall loan growth, but it’s not always easy or cost-effective. CRIF Select Ohio changes this by offering a solution that provides the right level of support. Indirect isn’t simply a process – it’s a skill that requires attention for it to be successful. With CRIF Select Ohio, you also get depth of service to credit unions, resources, and expertise.

Dealer Connections

CRIF’s team of experts connects with dealers on your behalf so your business development staff can focus on other priorities.

Dual LOS System

Use innovative technology that combines Dealer Trac and RouteOne into one state-of-the-art LOS system for indirect lending.

Portfolio Consulting Services

Focus on your credit union’s goals and determine the best tactics for growth with CRIF's portfolio consulting services.

Dealer Contract Management

Join CRIF’s extensive dealer network, so your credit union has relationships across the state, and your members can buy a vehicle from just about anywhere.

Natalie Phillips
Natalie Phillips Sr. Business Solutions Manager
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