Training tailored to your needs.

Keeping your staff up-to-date on everything they need to know and the certifications they need to have isn’t easy. With CPD Online and Training Bundles, helping your staff stay informed is easier than ever. CPD Online has a host of webinars and structured curriculum options designed to give your staff the training they need without leaving their desk. From full curriculums, professional certifications, on-demand options, and more, your team will be ready for whatever is thrown their way.

Online platform tracks measurable results and encourages independent learning.

CPD Online is the premier web-based training service for the credit union industry, and it’s regularly updated with information to keep your team informed on relevant topics. If you’re looking to track staff training in one system, online and face-to-face opportunities, then CPD Online is the solution for you.


CPD Online

Standardized Format

Training is consistent from one branch to another, and content is regularly updated so your team is informed on relevant topics.

Budget Friendly

Online credit union-specific content brings your team the information they need to fulfill their duties without the costs and time associated with travel.

Self-Paced Training

Staff learns on their own schedule and at their own pace so their energy levels and focus are maximized for retention.

Easy Administration

Managers and HR can easily track and monitor training progress in one system and leverage built-in competencies and career path scenarios to get a complete picture of employee progress.

Unlimited access to CUNA's webinars and eSchools is just one invoice away.

You can easily train your staff in every branch and office, thanks to the CUNA Training Bundle. And, staff learning will no longer be confined to the date of the event. CUNA Training Bundle includes access to all recorded webinars and eschools. Your staff can attend every event once, or multiple events multiple times – there’s no limit!


Training Bundle

Designations and Certifications

Interactive eSchools allow staff to be trained on valuable content and in some cases, receive designation and/or recertification – All from their computer.

Flexible Format

Staff have access to live and recorded webinars, audio conferences, and eSchools.

Current Issues and Trends

Comprehensive training on current matters, including vital updates, impacting compliance, marketing, lending, finance, human resources, training security, operations and more.

Cost Savings

The subscription provides unlimited access for staff, regardless of the location, so they can attend every event once, or multiple events multiple times - there's no limit.

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