Give your members bank-anywhere convenience while growing your deposits.

Even the largest credit union is a minor player in the financial services marketplace. Still, with Shared Branching, any credit union can immediately provide a network that exceeds the nation’s largest banks while still being a community-focused financial institution. Through the Co-op Shared Branch network, your credit union can serve members in diverse geographical locations, even when they move or travel. Shared Branching allows your members to bank with you at 400 credit union branches in Ohio and more than 5,400 nationwide. It’s the fast and easy way to expand your service footprint, offer bank-anywhere convenience, and grow your deposits. Join the network that provides greater in-person access than any single bank.




Branch Expansion

Achieve nationwide reach without a nationwide brick-and-mortar investment to serve members wherever they are.

Member Convenience

Make convenient branch access a reality by letting members use the in-network credit union closest to home.

Non-interest Income

Earn incremental revenue from guest-member transactions when you participate as a network acquirer.

Market Differentiation

Exceed the traditional member banking experience by providing local and nationwide branch access.

Kevin Mulder
Kevin Mulder Sr. Business Solutions Manager
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