Financial education your members will love.

Are you ready to offer your members and community with a unique financial education experience? Zogo’s flagship product, a standalone mobile app, educates users in a way they love – gamification and rewards. The platform consists of an ever-expanding content library of 800+ bite-size lessons on a range of financial topics, as well as an embedded rewards program that incentivizes your members to keep learning. Zogo’s educational content and innovative rewards program can also be embedded in your mobile banking platform for a seamless financial wellness experience. Better yet, you can add custom objectives and use Zogo’s rewards system to drive users to take desired financial actions in your institution. Zogo’s award-winning suite of innovative educational products can enhance your member loyalty efforts and improve your community’s financial literacy. It’s education anytime, anywhere, with an interactive flair.


Enhanced Member Experience

Offer learning through gamification and bite-sized, personalized instruction.

Real Rewards

Users earn virtual Pineapples by engaging with the app, then exchange them for gift cards, charity donations, and more.


Create custom content highlighting your mission, products, and services.

Real-time Data

Access impact reports and track user engagement.

Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz Sr. Business Solutions Manager
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