Provide members a pathway to a future yes.

Credit unions are committed to helping people achieve their financial goals, and a new solution from Navatros, Credit Mountain, can help you become a more vital partner in your members’ financial success. Credit Mountain, a fintech CUSO, provides a tool and a platform that empowers your members to take control of their financial well-being. When you must decline a loan or credit application, Credit Mountain provides members and prospective members with an empathetic and transparent adverse action notification and a digital credit counselor to create a pathway to a future yes.

Transform your decline process, streamline your operations, and cut unnecessary costs. A digital AAN process invites declined applicants to a platform that continuously engages users, provides financial coaching, and charts progress toward achieving financial objectives and goals. Credit Mountain’s automated reports provide unique insights on members’ eligibility for certain products, and its automated marketing feature makes it possible to send personalized offers, which boosts member satisfaction and loyalty. The solution doesn’t require integrations, was developed specifically for credit unions, and can be customized to provide a consistent branded digital experience through your website.

Add empathy to your decline process and take credit-focused, personal financial guidance to new levels with Credit Mountain’s Warm Decline.

Unique member data

Receive a daily analysis of members' potential and immediate financial hardships, such as revolving debt, job loss, inflationary pressures, and payday loan traps.

Membership Growth

Promote credit awareness and education in your outreach, marketing, and community development efforts.

Member Loyalty

Become a trusted partner and an ally with products and experiences to alleviate financial pressures and provide financial wellness.

Targeted Marketing

Offer targeted products and services based on your members' needs.

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