Enhanced security and member experience don’t have to compete.

How do you authenticate? With Illuma Shield, you can say goodbye to traditional member authentication processes like PINs, passwords, and personal questions. Illuma Shield is a real-time audio authentication platform that easily integrates into SIP-based telephone systems and runs in the background as your Member Service Representatives help members. Illuma Shield continuously analyzes the unique characteristics of the speaker’s voice and calling device, creating higher authentication accuracy in a fraction of the time. Empower your staff to focus on quality customer service and enhance your security against fraudsters by leveraging Illuma Shield to handle your authentication process.

Elevated Member Experience

Replace yesterday’s member authentication process with a frictionless experience that creates member loyalty.

Enhanced Security

Fight fraudsters and keep members' data safe through an automated authentication process.

Operational Efficiency

Reduce call duration and hold times, so member service expectations are achieved.

Easy Implementation

Leverage a quick and efficient integration timeline so you can achieve your ROI sooner.

Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz Sr. Business Solutions Manager
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