Whether new to credit unions or a tenured associate, keeping your Shared Branching Network and procedure knowledge fresh is important. These training videos provide a high-level overview of the ins and outs of Shared Branching member interactions. Everything from handling basic transactions to preventing fraud and dealing with problematic guest members is covered so that you can be well-prepared for your next Shared Branching member. Interested in scheduling an in-person training or have questions about the online training? Please email kmulder@ohiocul.org to learn more.

2024 Webinar Series

2024 OSBN Operating Rules and Regulations Updates 
Keeping up to date with policies and procedures is a challenge. Review the most recent changes in Co-op’s Operating Rules and Regulations, interchange increases, and FAQs in this in-depth recording from our January 10, 2024, meeting. Live Recording

2023 Webinar Series

OSBN Updated Fee Structure Roundtable
Fee changes significantly impact the operation of a credit union’s daily finances. Learn about the most recent updates, how they are structured, and what this means for Ohio Shared Branching Network participants. Live Recording 

2023 Shared Branching Operating Rules and Regulations Updates
Keeping up to date with policies and procedures is a challenge. Let us take you on a tour of the most recent changes in CO-OP’s Operating Rules and Regulations and how this will impact your day-to-day operations. Live Recording

Co-op Insights Introductory Q&A
Co-op Insights allows users to access daily, impactful data to create a more transparent and fluid understanding of Shared Branching in your institution. Join us to learn best practices, helpful tips and tricks, and answer questions from users on how to utilize this incredible tool. Live Recording


What is Shared Branching?

Shared Branching allows members of one credit union to perform various transactions at another credit union. Learn the Shared Branching basics, what it means for credit unions, and how members can access it.

How to Identify a Guest Member

The member verification process is a critical element of conducting Shared Branching transactions. Knowing the information requirements associated with the process is the first step.

Account Warnings and Messages

Warnings and messages are vital to staying informed without a full view of a member's account. Learn what to look for in this video.

Accepting Checks for Deposit

Issuing credit unions decide what to do on check deposits. The key is making sure the checks are correctly coded. Learn what it takes for different checks to make the grade for different codings.

Withdrawals and Cash Limits

Cash is king, and keeping this lifeblood available for members when needed is necessary. Learn what withdrawals and cash limits are required and what is optional in this video.

Loan Advances, Payments, and Transfers

Shared branching allows credit union members to conduct transactions in diverse geographical locations. Learn the ropes of how and where to process these important member transactions.

Additional Services

Going above and beyond is what Shared Branching is all about. This video will help you understand the benefits, risks, and rules of offering additional transaction options.

Red Flags and Fraud Prevention

Stay ahead of the game by learning what to look for to prevent imposter attacks, phishing attempts, and fraudulent activity within the Shared Branching network. This video provides an in-depth overview of how fraudsters attack our unique system.

Dealing with Difficult Members

Serving credit union members can be rewarding and challenging. Know your rights and responsibilities regarding member interactions.

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